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"Panasonic EY9136 / EY9136B / EY9230, Features: Voltage: 15.6vCapacity: 3000mAhComposition: NiCD Replacement Battery For The Following Panasonic Power Tool Models EY3530 EY3530FQMKW EY3530NQKW EY3530NQMKW EY3531 EY3531NQWKW EY3793 EY3793B EY3795B EY6431 EY6431FQKW EY6431NQKW EY6432 EY6432FQKW EY6432GQKW EY6432NQKW EY6535GQW EY6...
"panasonic battery for panasonic ey9136 (single pack), battery for panasonic ey9136 (single pack)"
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