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  • KEYWORDS: "V7 V7UCDP-BLK-1N,0662919089004,V7 V7UCDP-BLK-1N USB-C male to Displayport female Adapter - Black"
  • SKU: BG35932
  • PRICE: 20.5500000
  • RETAILPRICE: 20.630000000
  • ADVERTISERCATEGORY: USB Motherboard Adapters
  • ONLINE: yes
  • INSTOCK: yes
  • CONDITION: new
  • WARRANTY: 1-Year Mfg Warranty

V7 V7UCDP-BLK-1N USB-C male to Displayport female Adapter - Black - Manufacturer: V7 - Mfg Part Number: V7UCDP-BLK-1N - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail...
"V7 V7UCDP-BLK-1N,0662919089004,V7 V7UCDP-BLK-1N USB-C male to Displayport female Adapter - Black"
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